Sailor Moon Manga Manuscript Coming To London Manga Exhibition

According to the Official Sailor Moon Website, it has been announced that Naoko Takeuchi’s priced best-selling manga series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon will be one of the fifty writers and seventy works that will be displayed on the upcoming exhibition in London.

The manga exhibition called The Citi Exhibition Manga will be held on the British Museum, which is located in the heart of London, close to the River Thames and next to the University of London. Will be run from May 23rd to August 26 of 2019, which will be most of the summer (Northern Hemisphere season) during the museum times. To buy tickets for the exhibition, click here.

Some pieces of the manga manuscript were also previously shown during the Sailor Moon Exhibition that happened during 2016 for the 20th-anniversary project (Down below).

Colored Chapter 1
Fully Colorized Sailor Moon manga from Chapter 1
Sailor Moon Timeline
Timeline of Sailor Moon Battles and Storyline From The Manga

The Citi Exhibition Manga was announced on December 5th, 2018 at 9:34 AM BST with the help of Pikachu promotion the upcoming exhibition of the day it was announced.

For more information about the manga exhibition and other current/upcoming exhibitions, please check out British Museum’s website for the updated list of the writers and works that will be shown during the Manga Exhibition or see what other rare gems you will find.

Sites: Official Page, BM Official Website, BM Twitter Announcement

Applications For Pretty Guardians is Now Open!

People were wondering when was the application for Pretty Guardians, the official Sailor Moon Fan Club will be opening. In the last 3 years, the fan club has been involved, they started opening applications since early spring (usually during Naoko Takeuchi’s birthday).

Today, on the evening of April 1st, 2019 (Japan time), they made the announcement on the official Twitter page, website, and emails of the members of Pretty Guardians. Applications are now opening for both living in Japan and for Overseas applicants and renewals. The only major changes that they made is that both Overseas and Japan will now have different websites to ensure the needs of the fans (will not be surprised based on how many events and extra perks the Japan members gets from the Overseas members). Prices for Japan members will go for ¥5,500 (about $50 in USD) while for the prices for the overseas members will be $68.51 in USD (I really question the $0.51). The links for these two websites is now up:

Japanese Site
The Japanese Site of Pretty Guardians
Overseas Site
The Overseas Site of Pretty Guardians

With that announcement also comes with the announcement of a huge celebration for Usagi’s Birthday Bash. This will be held in Laforet Harajuku’s Sailor Moon Store and will have two times to reserve it: one at 15:00 (3 PM Japan Time [1 AM CST]) and the second at 18:00 (6 PM Japan Time [4 AM CTS]). For Fan Club, each ticket is 3,000 (around $27 in USD), while for the non-members, each ticket is 4,000 (around $36 in USD). Links for those are available for both Overseas and Japanese sites:

Japanese Site

Overseas Site


Sites: Pretty Guardians, Pretty Guardians (Overseas), Twitter


Comiket Announces Cover for Comiket 94 (Summer 2018 Edition)

If you didn’t know, we are around that time of year now that the biggest doujin/indie market is around the corner! Comic Market or Comiket for short, just released their cover for this summer 2018 catalog.

Comiket Catalog 94 Cover

The cover was just released around 6 am CST (8 pm Japan Time) in their official Twitter account, announced along with the cover that the catalog will go on sale this upcoming Saturday (July 14, 2018). The same price will be ¥2,000 (around $19) like every other year, so prices haven’t changed at all.

We will keep you updated on where it will be sold at and if the online version will also be included to be updated that same day as well.

Studio Khara Releases ME!ME!ME! Video For Limited Time

You read the title!

Studio Khara inc released in both their Twitter and Facebook page about Teddyloid joining on the ME!ME!ME! Artbook Launch Special panel with Hibiki Yoshizaki and Shuichi Iseki from the studio itself.

With that in said, they also released a link with the uncensored version of the video for a limited time for the released of the Artbook. You can watch it here for a limited time until August 31 on their Official YouTube Channel. But to make it easier for y’all, here’s the video so you can watch it right away!

Update (July 6, 2018): Apparently YouTube took down the video since it was uncensored, so whoever got the chance to see it via YouTube, y’all got lucky. Other than that, next time you will get a chance to see this uncensored will be if they release it in DVD or something, maybe if Crunchyroll manages to get our prayers heard.

Production IMS Files For Bankruptcy

In the mist of the downfall of animation studios going out of business, another studio just filed for bankruptcy. Production IMS, the studio that created The Testament of Sister New Devil and Date a Live II, announced it via Twitter on June 8 by two partnered colleagues that were working with the company.

Here’s a translated version of these tweets:

“I have been notified that the production is working on getting a credit debt consolidation while they are filing for bankruptcy. This was sent to anime related parties that are working with the production,  which a lot of you are disappointed this is happening.” -By Psychic Boys’ Association’s Twitter account (@saikkmouseao)


— サイキック少年団 (@saikickmouseao) June 8, 2018

“I have gotten an email straight from the law firm about this confirmation “Due to the animation company filed for bankruptcy, your compensation from them will not be paid.” Is that all? Gallagher, is this your company? You should say this yourself!” -By Mr. Yamayama’s Twitter account (@0007Kok)

There’s also a notice from the letter in the first tweet shown above said as follows:

“Notice From Kaoru Corporation

Kaeng Jun is the representative who is delegating the debt consolidation proceedings from Productions Aims Co., Ltd.

As we are notifying following this announcement, we are apologizing for sending the letter on short notice. Due to the results of the company filing for bankruptcy, we are notifying you that you and more of your colleagues are not going to be paid in the meantime because the cash position deteriorated due to sluggish sales, increasing the payment expenses to subcontractors, etc. In the future, we will respond with any legal restructuring of the bankruptcy proceedings in mind, after arranging the obligors’ notes and the employees’ obligations of the company.

As for this matter, we will send responses from our office, so please be on the lookout for future inquiries and promptly respond them back so that we can inform you of any future work. The sooner we inform you, the quicker you will get notified.”

Due to this news, we are unsure of what they will do with the current animation they are working on at this time, especially the ones that are currently in production at this moment.

This is the list of the shows that was just recently released by Production IMS in the last few years ’till now:

Active Raid/Active Raid 2

The Testament of Sister New Devil/The Testament of Sister New Devil BURST


High School Fleet

Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha

Date a Live II

Castle Town Dandelion

Hybrid × Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia

and just recently Takunomi

There have also been rumors that the third season (or movie) of Active Raid is on production, but due to the lack of funds they got from the DVD/Blu-Ray sales of the second season, we not sure if this is even possible to continue.


Listen Flavor Opens International Online eBay Store

At 8:05 am CST, Japanese brand Listen Flavor posted on Twitter that they just opened their official eBay store.

With the popularity of more Japanese brands reaching out to their international customers, it’s a matter of time before more stores follow the lead. A good example is a few months ago, Liz Lisa, a Japanese Otome store, also opened their online store via eBay and their sales has gain momentum since then.

Liz Lisa’s eBay Store via mobile

This news comes right when a lot of Japanese fashion brands are closing down, from Putumayo to Victorian Maiden. What do you think, are Japanese brands taking the wake up call from a few months ago and actually considering international sales?

Quote of the Week 2018 – #18 (hide Edition)

“When people called me freak, I closed my eyes and laughed, because they are blind to happiness.”

–hide (Lead Guitarist of X Japan, a Japanese Heavy Metal Band)

Hello, Moonies!!!

This quote of the week is something I may have to consider an original from an artist I wish was still alive. hide, the lead guitarist of X Japan, died of suicide by hanging on May 2, 1998. As his 20th-anniversary memorial is near, let us remember that he was also human and that feeling unique is part of life.

hide gave out a quote a while back that is reminding me why I want to keep living. There will be times that people will look you weird or called you a freak because you like something out of the norm. I personally get that a lot and sometimes it affects my mental state personally. Someone that is not accustomed to make-up, I get told why I don’t wear it. I’m just not accustomed and it doesn’t feel me if I do feel all prettied up. Sometimes people call me a freak behind my back because I don’t wear it. Other times it’s about anime or books, but the one thing that gets me a lot is when I have depression. I have seen a lot of people back out of me, called me names, etc, that I sometimes questioned if I even have friends or someone who really cares for me. The breakdowns I been having since October, I actually believed I was a freak, someone who people don’t really want to interact with, someone who people are not interested in doing things with. I sometimes wished I didn’t have depression, but I just can’t stop it. I worked hard to not relapse and all, but life can just give you a gut in the heart a lot. Now that I’m getting treated and all, I questioned these people now; I wonder what type of emotions felt when they think of no make-up, watching anime, reading a book, or having depression? hide’s quote means that they will never understand what you go through or the emotions you face in life. That’s the reason why you always get the last laugh, that is why you need to be your own unique self. You don’t need anyone to laugh at you or offend you in a way. You do you and nobody will stop you.

So… Any comments? Keep them short, clear, and to the point. This is Diana giving you this week’s quote of the week!

Reservations for Sailor Moon’s Transformation Figurine Is Now Up!


The waiting time has come for this lovely figurine to appear in our very eyes! Bandai just posted on their website their latest Sailor Moon figurine reservation and it’s the prettiest yet! for the ones that are into the conversion of her transformation, this Crystal version of Sailor Moon is a must have for the collectors! This latest figurine is from Figuarts Zero Chouette, the ones that have done a good portion of limited edition figurines of Sailor Moon and the Crystal versions. The name is called [Figuarts Zero chouette Sailor Moon – Mo Crystal Power, Make Up-] or in Japanese, Figuarts Zero chouette セーラームーン-Moon Crystal Power, Make Up

Here are a few images to know how it looks!

Transform 1Transform 2Transform 3Transform 4Transform 5

If you are interested in buying this, here’s the link to reserve it! Bandai’s website lets you order stuff if you are international, but it’s still a bit confusing to understand. If you can’t understand Bandai’s website, the best bet is to get a shopping service from Japan to order it for you. Will give out a list of the suggested shopping services soon.

If you are excited about this lovely reservation, don’t forget to get it as soon as you can! The reservation will not last sooner than later.


New Website Look and Reaching 400+ On Facebook!


I can’t thank y’all enough for the generous reach y’all gotten us to reach that milestone on the Facebook Page. Even me and my crew are surprised at how much we grew over just a month! Because of how generous y’all are, we are going be opening a Twitter so we can be giving the same service as we give on Facebook. Be on the lookout on when we are releasing that sometime later this month!

The biggest announcement is since we have revamped our website, we are low in funds to keep up like payments and changing the logos, almost everything that this website needs in order for every Moonie reader gets the latest news locally, statewide, internationally and pop-culture related straight from Japan. That is why we opened up a Ko-Fi so we can start accepting your donations. It’s similar to Patreon, but you decide how much you will donate to us so we can reach our goals. You can donate us once or as many as you feel generous. We will make sure we do make a shout-out message each month on this website for the generosity you have done to keep this website up and running. Without you, the passion everyone here in this group went through would have gone to waste. Here’s the link so you can start supporting us: 

Other than that, hope what we are giving you the content you are expecting and hoping the internet service speeds up to get the work to everyone.

So… Any comments? Keep them short, clear, and to the point. This is Diana updating the new changes to the website.

Quote of the Week 2018 – #7

“Objection, evasion, joyous distrust, and love of irony are signs of health; everything absolute belongs to pathology.”

― Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil

Pathology, according to Google Dictionary, is “the science of the causes and effects of diseases, especially the branch of medicine that deals with the laboratory examination of samples of body tissue for diagnostic or forensic purposes.” In short, it’s the mental instability or malfunction that will prevent the brain not function its ways.

Wow, another mental quote? Well, it can’t be helped because it’s something that people are not getting it yet. In the quote, it talks about objection, evasion, joyous distrust, and love of irony are the mentality that you usually see on people who are having mental problems like Depression, Anxiety, and those other mental health issues. These things are bad if your friend or a loved one is going through this. If they are just not being as responsive than they usually are, there is clearly a problem. If you see that they are not reacting to what you say or do, then clearly that’s a big sign that you need to get their attention quickly or get them professional help. If that same person is just having all of those together, including going through other issues like getting sick constantly or going through another health problem, you need to become the rock foundation for them. Just don’t leave them alone when they really need you the most. Be there for them even if they think you are bothering them or feel super insecure in the least reaction as possible. You need to make them become the opposite they are reacting. Be the hero they really needed because next thing you know, they will not be there for you when you least expected. Let your loved one or your friend know you care about them. Show the love.

So… Any comments? Keep them short, clear, and to the point. This is Diana telling you don’t leave them alone. They will appreciate it in the future.